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Treasure Foods Co., Ltd. is recognized as a leader in the importation and marketing of finest foods and beverages products in Taiwan, and distributes top quality brands for gourmet foods and famous drinks to all five-star hotels, coffee-shops, clubs, restaurants, manufactures, bakery-pastry shops, catering, department stores and supermarkets, a large range of selection of products. Further the most attractive seminars and demonstrations held by the best chefs in the world are organized regularly by T.F. along the year and constituted for Taiwan professional chefs and events, thanks to the venue of skilled chefs, offering their creative recipes and experience knowledge in their specialization field.


Both Chinese and Western civilizations look at foods and drinks, as an art of association of taste, texture, color in a balanced and healthy harmony, looking for perfection and innovations in the tradition of this field. Treasure Foods keeps on searching, following the trends in Western countries evolution, importing finest top quality foods from all over the world with the mission of stimulating the progress of the techniques in this sector, and gathering more awareness on gastronomic knowledge in the frame of food and drink culture and have therefore launched more opportunities of exchanges of techniques between foreign and domestic chefs, with training trips in Europe and Japan, to complete the venue of chefs in Taiwan for presentation. T.F. is willing to provide products and services of superior quality and value for seriousness, reliability and consistency of supply for their customers and to improve the quality of life of the consumers in Taiwan.